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You are being referred to us because your doctor needs information about the function of your brain, nerves, muscles or balance system. We use a variety of specialised tests to do this. They are accurate, safe and mostly non-invasive but they may require some special preparation.

EEG, Sleep Deprived EEG and Ambulatory EEG

Small electrodes are placed in a grid over your scalp and the electrical activity of your brain’s cortex (grey matter) is recorded. Routine studies take about one hour, prolonged studies will take more than 3 hours but the use of ambulatory equipment allows you to move around and even go home during the test if necessary. Sometimes the test provides more information if you are tired and sleepy and you may be asked to have a sleep-deprived EEG.

Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG

Small electrical shocks are applied to nerves in your arms and/or legs and responses recorded at carefully chosen points over nerves and muscles to build up a picture of nerve function. These tests are personalised for your particular clinical problem. We use non-invasive techniques. If an EMG is recommended a very fine recording needle is inserted briefly into certain muscles. This provides information about the condition of the nerve supply to the muscle and the state of the muscle itself.

Balance Tests

We use a series of techniques to look at how well your vestibular system is working. You will be asked to wear special goggles which let us look at your eye movements in the dark with an infra video red camera. Warm and cool water run into your ear canals may make you feel briefly dizzy.

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